Washout Station

An asset that generates additional profits through efficiency and savings.

Most of the Wooshtec Daily cleaners are to be installed at a washout system. A system that helps to segregate sand, gravel, and greywater from return concrete. Recycling all materials, including grey water. We spent considerable amount of time studying the reclaiming industry and speaking with users about their struggles with what is currently available.

Aiming for a truly robust concrete reclaimer system, developed to meet the specific demands of the ready-mix industry. – That’s not an easy challenge.

So teaming up with BIBKO® and combining their world class equipment and engineering with our know-how and proprietary technology results in a complete and valuable asset at a batching plant. An asset that generates additional profits through increased efficiency and materials and deposit savings. By separating the fresch concrete in a big bath (washing drum) of recycled water, one can segregate sand, gravel, and greywater and rescue all of in production of new concrete.

Commonly the washout stations are designed for medium to large ready-mixed concrete plants, with > 5 ready-mixed concrete truck mixers. A concrete washout station is built modular and expandable, to offer a multitude of flexible arrangements – allows your system to grow with your operations.

The system offers a large water bath and therefore enables the residual concrete to be emptied quickly. By means of the patented combination with the BIBKO® spiral conveyors, discharge heights of up to 3.5m can be achieved. We also offer the conventional vibrating conveyor. The system includes an aluminum lid to open the lid of the machine easily, as well as a winter package for cold regions. The receiving hoppers are available in various designs and sizes to adapt the system to the individual conditions.

Using concrete pumps and wish to do a washouts? – no problem.
By adding an external bucket elevator, pump machines can dump the washout directly into the BIBKO® at ground level.

Need a mobile or supermobile washout station? – no problem.
We custom design and skid mount a complete washout station. Everything comes preassembled and preconnected. Even water storage and clarification tanks can be moved around.

BIBKO® COMTEC features

– Recycling capacity 4, 10, 20 and 30 m³/h
– Shock emptying of the residual concrete is possible by extension using a dosing buffer
– A large wash water capacity of 0.5m³ – 3.5m³ ³ guarantees best performance and washout results
– Bearing positions outside the water bath
– Variable hopper assemblies and sizes
– Compact design
– Heatable recycling system
– The aluminum machine cover can be opened via gas pressure springs
– Hot-dip galvanized design

BIBKO® has been the leading manufacturer of residual concrete recycling systems with over 1800 systems installed worldwide since 1985. By combining technical progress and superior technology, BIBKO® can provide a 100% recycling system concrete products industries. Truck fleets from 1 to 100 can incorporate the BIBKO® reclaimer, greywater pits, agitators and pumps, automatic controls as well as turnkey installation service. All systems can additionally be equipped with water treatment units to handle excess water or to generate cleared water.

A Wooshtec washout station keeps your plant in compliance and saves you money.