Daily cleaner

Wooshtec Daily Cleaner removes build-up inside the drum and keeps your concrete trucks completely clean. Its unique spray head allows recycled water to be used, thoroughly cleaning the inside of the concrete drum, including all sides of the helix shaped wings, removing all concrete build-up.

Rigorous long term trials have proven that Wooshtec Daily Cleaner maintains a > 99% clean drum. These are hard facts, making future chiselling, blasting or unnecessary downtime a thing of the past. One investment – daily savings.


How can I benefit from using the Wooshtec Daily Cleaner?

  • Totally clean drum
  • Improved Health & Safety

  • Significant savings
  • Wash cycle less than 5 minutes

  • Improved environmental footprint

Our Story


Wooshtec conducted a long term trial using the low-pressure cleaning system to clean the drum on mixer trucks. All the data was gathered by the ready-mix plant operators.

The total truck weight can vary due to other varying weights on a truck, i.e., fuel levels, water levels, etc.


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