Frequently asked questions

How easy is it for the truck driver to operate the Wooshtec Daily Cleaner?

Very easy. After some brief instruction the driver can operate the machine straight away. Every daily cleaning cycle only takes 5 minutes.

Is the Wooshtec Daily Cleaner suitable for different sizes of truck mixer?

Yes. The installation is designed for most types of truck mixers. When the correct angle is set, the machine can in principle be used for any size of truck mixer. The height can also be adjusted from the control panel. Markings on the actual lance indicate the lance position inside the drum.

Does the Wooshtec Daily Cleaner clean the entire mixer drum?

The lance, with its uniquely designed cleaning head, cleans the entire inside of the mixing drum. The cleaning head has specially placed jet nozzles to ensure that both the front and the rear of the blades are completely cleaned in every cleaning cycle.

How do I know if the mixing drum is clean?

When the water coming out of the mixing drum is clear, the drum is clean. A cleaning cycle takes an average of 5 minutes, which includes cleaning and emptying.

How much water does Wooshtec Daily Cleaner use?

According to its specifications, the Wooshtec Daily Cleaner consumes up to 450 litres per minute with a pump of 8 to 10 bar. If you have lower flow rates and pressure available, please contact us for a solution.

What kind of water does Wooshtec Daily Cleaner use?

Wooshtec Daily Cleaner works equally well on clean water and on recycled water from settling basins. For more information, please contact us.

Where is the cleaning water emptied?

During the cleaning cycle the drum is on an ‘empty rotation’, which means that at the end of the cleaning cycle the drum is already empty and the driver can drive away immediately with a clean truck. Normally the rinse water is emptied directly into the first settling basin.

Does the installation need to be under cover?

No, a cover is not necessary. The design of the installation is very robust and is designed for all types of weather conditions.

We are in an area where temperatures drop below zero at times. Will that be a problem?

No. We have several installations in Scandinavia where the temperature regularly drops below zero and there have not been any problems.

Do I need a platform?

You need a simple platform onto which the Wooshtec Daily Cleaner will be placed. The platform needs to meet a number of specifications; it should be suitable for a minimum of 1,000 kg, at least 1 metre deep and 2,7 metres high. The length depends on the space available. The driver needs sufficient space to be able to operate the machine safely behind the control panel.

Do the truck mixers need a folding hopper?

In order for the spray lance to enter the mixing drum, the hopper must first be folded upwards. With a relatively simple adjustment, it is possible to do this manually or hydraulically. Please let us know if you need more information.

What else do I need to consider before I can install Wooshtec Daily Cleaner?

You need to consider factors such as available space, hoses, pumps and electricity. We will, of course, assist you with a checklist of which pre-conditions need to be met in order for you to have a fully functional installation.

Do I have enough space available?

You will need 8 metres of free space in front of and behind the platform where Wooshtec Daily Cleaner will be operated.

I might already have a suitable pump. How do I check that?

With a pump of up to 450 litres per minute at 8 to 10 bar, the installation will work well. We have also seen excellent results using a pump with lower pressure and / or flow rates. If you already have a pump, please contact us and we can let you know if it can be used with your installation.

What type of electrical connection do I need?

You will need a 400 Volt / 50 Hz connection. During 2019, we will adapt to other market requirements. Please contact us for more information.

The benefits of the installation are clear, but will it be profitable at our small ready mix plant?

Wooshtec Daily Cleaner will always be a sound investment from a quality, environmental and health and safety perspective, but with 5 trucks on a site, quick Return on Investment is a given!

This system seems very well suited to companies with their own truck mixers. The truck mixers at our company are a mix of company cars and driver owners. Would Wooshtec Daily Cleaner be a good investment for us?

Wooshtec Daily Cleaner has clear advantages, such as time saving, improved concrete quality, more available volume and driver safety. Drivers currently using the Wooshtec Daily Cleaner are very excited about the increase in productivity it allows and how user friendly it is. External drivers will also be able to meet your company requirements for clean mixers in order to ensure that the right quality of concrete is delivered to the end user.

I’m not sure we have enough budget for such an investment. Are there other options available?

Can I rent the system for example? We give you an option to do a hire/purchase or a monthly rental. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss various options with you.