Daily Cleaner

Wooshtec Daily Cleaner removes build-up inside the drum and keeps your concrete trucks completely clean. Its unique spray head allows recycled water to be used, thoroughly cleaning the inside of the concrete drum, including all sides of the helix shaped wings, removing all concrete build-up.

Rigorous long term trials have proven that Wooshtec Daily Cleaner maintains a > 99% clean drum. These are hard facts, making future chiseling, blasting or unnecessary downtime a thing of the past. One investment – daily savings.

How can I benefit from using the Wooshtec Daily Cleaner?

Totally clean drum

>99% clean
No more chiselling needed
Consistent concrete quality delivered to the end customer
No more excess weight

Wash cycle less than 5 minutes

Reduced queuing time
Improved operational conditions
Significant savings thanks to high utilization rate of truck

Improved environmental footprint

Can be run on clean or recycled water
Helps you meet emission requirements
Lower CO2 emission thanks to reduced queuing and idling

Improved Health & Safety

Very user friendly
Short and efficient wash cycle
No future chiselling needed

Significant savings

High utilization rate of trucks
No downtime for extra cleaning and chiselling
Reduced fuel costs
No discharge of water to a costly purification process

Common problems related to concrete trucks

Washing machine for Concrete Mixer Trucks

Concrete build-up

– Affects concrete quality
– Difficult to clean
– Downtime for cleaning and chiselling
– Imbalance in concrete truck

Time consuming cleaning cycles

– Drivers spend unnecessary time cleaning An average washing is about 20     minutes per truck
– Poor work environment
– Build-up of queues while trucks are cleaned
– Trucks idling for long periods of time resulting in high fuel costs and CO2 emission

Environmental regulations

– More stringent environmental regulations means greater need to control waste water issues

The Story: Concrete Robotics – Daily Cleaner

In 2014, Wooshtec was requested by SWEROCK in Sweden, to develop a product that cleans the inside of mixers trucks.

SWEROCK thought that none of the other products in the market fulfilled their request.

Helena Wigart and Hans Linder – had its roots in water spray solutions and cleaning applications rose to the challenge. We put together a team of skilled technical design engineers and a prototype manufacturer; all working very closely with Swerock in order to create a design suited to the particular conditions of the concrete industry. Our unique spray head was designed using computer simulations optimizing the cleaning efficiency of a drum.

Specifications from SWEROCK

Drives / electric motors

No hydraulics

User firendly

Easy maintenance

Fair priced

Robust! Harsh conditions in the ready mix industry

Chain driven

Resulted in:

450 l/min (grey water)

8-10 bar pressure

Material 316 stainless steel

Different sizes of head nozzles (3/5mm)

Saving time & Improved concrete quality


Cleaning cycle < 5 min
− Conventional methods takes about 20 minutes per truck.

No more downtime for cleaning and jack hammering,

– Specially designed cleaning head with jet nozzles which cleans both the back and front of the agitator fins inside the drum.


– No concrete build up in the drum which dries out new concrete loads
– No risk for break-off that cloggs concrete pumps

Improved environment

Reduced CO2 emission

-Reduced idling time

Substantial reduction in the amount of waste water

– The Concrete Robotics can be run grey water

No discharge of waste water into a recipient or treatment plant

No purification of the water to bring down the pH needed

Improved work environment

Improved health and safety of drivers in cleaning operations

No jack hammering is needed in a confined space volume.

Higher efficiency – Lower costs

Cost benefit in truck operations due to reduced weight

– Higher utilization of real load capacity.

Higher usage of trucks

– Less standstill due to jack hammering

Example savings

Pending on hourly cost of labor

90 minutes reduced waiting time per concrete truck and day

− Savings per factory and year

No jack hammering of the drum

− Savings per concrete truck and year

Fuel savings

Cost benefit in truck operations due to reduced weight


4l per 100 km and 1000 kg
What would the extra fuel cost be if there are an extra weight
of 0,5 m3 of hardened concrete?

• 0,5 m3 = 1200 kg
• 80 km per day
• 200 days per year
• Fuel cost: SEK 10/l

Savings regarding delivery and loading capacity

Hardend concrete of 0,5 m3 => causes less loading capacity

– Example:
• Price on concrete, about € 70/m3
• Losses during delivery, about 1-2 m3 per day, if 2-4 deliveries/day


Betongindustri AB (Heidelberg Cement)

− largest concrete manufacturer in Sweden

Swerock AB

− second largest concrete manufacturer in Sweden



Technical Specifications

Length 7 746 mm
Width 1 314 mm
Height Max 2 780 mm, Min 2 300 mm
Weight 860 kg
Cleaning cycle < 5 min
Water consumption 450 l/min
Hose connection 1 1⁄2”
Pressure 8-10 bar
Electrical supply 400V/50Hz
CE marking Yes